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  • Expedition: Aug 5-10, 2012
  • Anthony
  • HOPE - Helping Other People Excel
  • Yosemite National Park: Sunrise Lakes and Clouds Rest

As I came on to this trip I came for the kids I am around. Really didn’t know what to expeact. As we where comeing up I learened a lot from them already. We did a lot of fighting together. But we still help each other as we moved along Because we are a family in one Body and heart. But what I learned was to injoy nature and the sounds of The winds and The Birds humming as you wake up in the morning. Hearing things you don’t hear in the town we all stay in. I relize it’s very Peacefull.

Well now I’m going to write about what I have learned on this trip. As we pulled up on to the cabin the workers where the Best Andy and Crystal. Crystal Best cook I had as I was camping. Andy very quite but when you get to know him he will talk to you. So the day passes us By and we all go to sleep and here comes are leader Glikin and Katie. Glikin was kinda quite as well. Really not to himself but when we ask question he will love to Answer. Glikin is a Really nice guy he know where we where all comeing from cause he kno a lido about where we come from. His very friendly and shared a lot of knowledge and understanding of the Back packing trip and Katie man she is the best as well. She was Right in everything just like one of us I can say. But everything was so Real. I love everything about are aventer that we had. Wish it was quite. But we all had a good time.

Anthony on Clouds Rest
Anthony Jailen Pointing
Anthony Tyrell Jourdan
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