Nolberto portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 14-19, 2012
  • Nolberto
  • Boys and Girls Club of Merced County
  • Stanislaus National Forest: Emigrant Wilderness: Leopold Lake and Granite Lake

What does Wilderness mean to me? What Wilderness means to me is that once your in it, It’ll change your life. It is something that takes all of your Worries Away, All of the views are Amazing and way better than watching those screensavers on a computer. The Fresh Breeze During the October fall, All the sweet coated scented Trees, The refreshing swimming summer water on Lakes and rivers. The mountains covered in snow like Vanilla Color on an Ice Cream cone. The big trees dripping their caramel, honey and syrup on to the chocolate covered floor. The big views of peaks waterfalls and Even Domes. A place worth living in for the rest of your life. All I believe in is that mother nature was created for us to take care of it and experience what It has to offer. For the Earth is the giver of Life and without it we just wouldn’t survive.

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