Christopher portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 1-6, 2012
  • Christopher
  • Southern California Consortium
  • Yosemite National Park: Little Yosemite Valley


We got our gear today, excited for tomorrow. I have never seen snow in my life and I find it everywhere here. The rules say not to throw snowballs but honestly still did it. I have only wished for camping but never have actually gone. This will definitely be something I’ll never forget. Minday and Deeps seem pretty cool and laid back but I feel an awkward feeling that I have known them for a while. They seem to know a lot and have had a lot of experience. I am anxious to see what tomorrow may bring.


Today was a very long day. The hike seemed like an eternity, but besides that, I saw amazing views of different waterfalls. This untamed wilderness is so amazing. Food is great, probably because I was so tired and hungry but regardless of cause I was satisfied. My friend Johnny had a blister on one of his feet. If I thought I was tired, I can only imagine how is feeling. Having been appointed group leader I stayed behind and kept him company and the slow pace, I believe, tires you less. Today was also the first time I built a tent. If I was by myself it would have probably taken longer but after some hard work from the team, our home away from home rose. It is very spacious but I wonder how a four person tent will fit five people. It can be done! Just waiting for dinner, sunlight fading; I am going to get some much needed rest.


This morning, I awoke refreshed. It has been a while since I have slept that peacefully and comfortably. Even though there were five people in that tent, it was some of the best sleep I have had in a long time. Today was pretty awesome. We left our camp with only some lunch items and some snow shoes (although there was no snow once we got up there). We decided to go to the quarter dome to see the stunning panorama. We didn’t get to reach our destination but we had lunch overlooking some snow covered mountains in the distance. At this point, everyone in our camp is basically family. We joke around one another and enjoy everyone else’s company. During lunch we spoke about Emerson and transcendentalism and the forming of Yosemite Valley and gave each other riddles. We didn’t stay at the site for too long because the group was to meet a Park Ranger, Naomi. The grouped helped Naomi take apart a fire ring and reform it because the old one was so big and full of ash. That was fun, and now, again, preparing to eat dinner, watching the sun set, and the temperature get colder, I write down my day before my lighting expires. Tomorrow we head back down to curry village. I feel this has past all too quickly. Sadly this adventure will end.


Last night we stayed up late and talking about the plans for today’s hike back down to Curry village. We talked about our relationships to one another. It was really special, that in such a short time the group has grown close to one another. This morning was hectic. We awoke and we just started packing. It was just so difficult to get up because the night brought forth cold temperatures. It was incredibly chilly this morning. We persevered and continued on. For some reason the pack seemed heavier this time around. We made a pit stop at Nevada falls and it seriously took my breath away. The view of the valley from that altitude just couldn’t stop making me smile. That was the highlight of today. But all throughout, I had a blast. From hiking to the snowball fights and ambushes, it was worth every minute I spent here.

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