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  • Expedition: Apr 22-27, 2012
  • Sophia
  • New Leaf: A Sustainable Living Collaborative
  • Yosemite National Park: Old Big Oak Flat Road Trail

I remember crying @ night. My tears were not tears of sadness but tears of relief from such a challenging day. I asked yosemite to heal and replenish my soul. I recieved what I asked for. Not only did Nature fufill my needs. This was unlike any challange I've faced before. I feel so good about the trip It was a major learning experience. I learned so much more about myself, "What I am truly made of." I learned much more about my fellow classmates. In my opinion we really became much closer as a family. I felt we were a super tight knit quilt. each of us a piece of that quilt holding one another together through all the stress, rainfall, drama, the craziness, and most importantly the beauty and the laughter. This trip has had a huge impact on my life. I will forever be different. I will remember the feelings from this trip. I will remember the gratitude, happiness, fustration, love, craziness, feeling of being brain dead, chaos. I have never felt such a deep connection to nature nor to these people. I am grateful for this new found connection in my life. Life is much more meaningful.

Sophia Andy Cheyanna Shoes

"WILDERNESS" to me represents being raw, returning to the real world, reconnecting to an essential connection that I lost.

Sophia Andy Dig

Hike to the Falls
Cool, fresh, constant change
Source of life
I am connected to this to you, to this the real world.

Ive adored you from afar all day.. Ive listened to your song...First I touch you...
I have yearned for you
smothered by your cool embrace
Your call is so alluring it drowns out the others.
You move swiftly and with purpose...
I am quickly swept down and away..slowly you consume my entire being.
I become numb..
I am entranced by your beautiful melody.
My mind is quiet my heart strings play louder to your beat... we play together...

You are the source of all life.
You've covered the entire planet.
You are constantly changing form.
You are brutal and beautiful.
You are a killer.
I will always need you.
You never leave me for long.
Your scream is violent it attracts the worlds attention.
Yet.. your whisper...
Your whisper is soothing, it eases ones busy mind..

You comfort me.
You renew my spirit .
You quench my soul's thirst
You energize me
I welcome you to flow freely thru my veins, I embrace you.
I gladly let you consume me as I do you.
I am you.
I am yours.
We are one.
You are water.

Sophia Water Bottle
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