Viviana portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 29 - May 4, 2012
  • Viviana
  • Generation Green - Central California Consortium
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetchy Hetchy

So we have reached LeConte Point and we are on the top right now. Beautiful sight amazing weather. Im really happy, glad because it was a rough journey to get here. Im happy I didn’t give up. My legs were really tierd at some points but I just kept going. It wasn’t going to stop me from being on the top of Le Conte Point. It was all worth it, I was at first scared that we could fall or something bad was going to happen, but that’s life taking risks and choosing them closely. I took those risks of something bad happening but it was all worth it being here, with the group enjoying the view. I don’t regrete comming at all cause this is a great opurtinity they gave me to expierence the wild, mother nature and im really glad I came.

Viviana Packing

Today we are going back to were we started. The lessons I have learned throw this experience would be not to give, up everything Is possible if you believe in yourself and you have your mind in what you want. I have also learned so many new things and all are very interesting. For example, checking my e-mail was something I would never do in the wild. And I have learned how to listen to this buetiful campground like LeConte Point I didn’t just listen with the ears but I listened to it therew my heart and felt like it was listening to me too.

Viviana with Wapama Falls

When I get back home my story I will be telling would be many. Because I have learned so many and expierienced so many things. When I get back home the first thing I will tell them would be how much fun I had with the group but also everything ive overcome and expierence. Like for example, hiking to our backpacking that was about 6.5 miles and I did it also LeConte Point such a beautiful place to hike to it was a great expience climming to the top. But was also so challenging for many of us like even though I didn’t say anything. I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t going to whine or Think negative saying “Juana is tired.” LOL  But if you think positive than anything is possible like for me going up to LeConte Point was wow how can I say it challenging something we never done and was a great expierence, expierening it with this group.

Viviana Arturo David

So if you think positive anything is possible. “go hard or go home” says David and you got to go hard if you really want it. And we all wanted it cause we reached to what wasn’t possible to being possible and we couldn’t have done it without Juana, Saul, Ruth, Deeps. But most of all got to give God thanks for giving me this expierence and for opening my heart out here in the wilderness. Thank you all (:

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