Jonathan portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 29 - May 4, 2012
  • Jonathan
  • Generation Green - Central California Consortium
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetchy Hetchy

What this trip up here meant to me words cant explain but what I can tell you that there was alot of struggles but in the end it is all worth it. Such a beautiful sight.

Jonathan Arturo fire

The 1 mile hike really got me into thinking of how I am here and over at the city I have understood that I have made so many mistakes that its hard for people to cope with me. I am not sure but I feel really depressed some times but out here it made me appreciate and lose some depression. I guess family is everythin. Thank you.

Jonathan Wapama

So we arrived a Hetch Hetchy back packers camp and a surprise they celebrated my bday. It is usually May 5th but they did it today since tomorrow we are leaving. I am going to miss them. looks like burritos and smores today yeay. I appreciate everyone one for what they did have went through struggles and good time all together. Thank you. :)

Jonathan Writing

The story I am going to tell my Friends and other People is now how It was over here but I will tell them what I experienced over here wich would be my hardships, my Feelings, my lessons I have learned, life changing events, and how much of a different society it is over here definitely alot more peace full. And You know I cant forget about my new family in this story because They also played a big role. My new family is Juana, Maria, Marisol, Art, Juana, Michael, David, Saul, and Viviana. Let’s not forget Deeps and Ruth. Yup were one big happy family that went on a adventure of a lifetime. No matter what Ive been through on this trip I know I am not alone because Those people, These human beings, I thought were strangers at first turned out to be a family that went through the same struggles I went through on this hike. Its no longer Generation Green or NatureBridge it is now Greenbridge so This story I have with me is going to travel from me and I am going to pass it on to my kids and there kids and through different generations because its not what you don’t have. It is what you do have and what I have es un familia perfecto, a perfect family wich this familia this family is filled of is Joy. Thank you Greenbridge

Jonathan Dead Fred
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