Arturo portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 29 - May 4, 2012
  • Arturo
  • Generation Green - Central California Consortium
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetchy Hetchy

Today was an awesome day. I felt like I was away from everything. It is so peaceful up here. The snow at a high point looks great. “This is perfection,” Juan said. It shouldn’t be touched. Thanks to those who keep this great, beautiful and clean. It is very Natural. I will never forget this moment In Life. As I look up it is something different, something people don’t even know about. As I stand and write I look abroad and think what is further back. Will I get the chance to explore? Thank you for the experience. The wind crashes in to me like someone trying to take me down, but I stand Firmly and happy. I will never forget this moment. I will read this and remember. :)

Arturo with Map

There are many different lessons I learned from this experience. I learned that if we work as a team we can accomplish any goal in mind. We also have to encourage one another to never give up even in the toughest times. I also learned how to do many basic practices when out in the forest. For example, fire, cook, tent, water and many others. I have learned many things and wish to learn more. To create a story based upon my adventure here at Yosemite is quite difficult because it is so much I can’t explain in words or actions. The time I spent in Yosemite was unique in many different ways. The high Altitude at many different places while the wind crashes in to you makes me feel or remember to stay high up and to make sure I achieve and accomplish my goals In Life. My experience also Involved many different forms of teamwork and Motivation. We all can accomplish a common goal with the pushing of others.

Arturo on Rock

All of the different living organisms are all unique in a different way. That explains to me that Just be yourself because everyone is different and very unique in there own way. The Rivers and falls remind me to keep flowing through life whether rocks try to hold you back. Just bounce off and keep going and stay motivated and one day you will reach to that dream or point in life where you feel accomplished, proud of yourself. I feel away from everything. Everything is so beautiful and great. I also importantly keep in mind that we are the present and future, what I refer to this is that it depends on us if we want to keep this place Just the way it is. Yosemite is beautiful and unique, just like every living person.

Arturo with Rancheria Creek
Juan and Arturo at Wapama Falls
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