Yee Leng portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 7-10, 2011
  • Yee Leng
  • The kNOw
  • Sequoia National Park

Today was a horrible day. An 8 hour walk, cross that out, hike. My feet have never endured this much pain before. This was a huge task both physically and mentally. It was horrible but I loved it. The river was peaceful, the falls were magnificent with its misty coolness and thundering smash. Truthfully, I don’t think I will ever hike again but it was a wonderful experience. I’m glad I did it. I had a great last trip with my peers and I’ve learned so many new things about them, I guess that my lows were the steps of the mountain, horrible. Lower Paradise was not paradise when we got here, but after settling in, it’s paradise.

How does that pack feel?
Filling up water

What does Wilderness mean to you?

Untouched beauty. Swirling pools of calm and peace. Solitude and comfort from the river and creeks to the high altitude breezes of the mountains. Wilderness is a sense of freedom and tranquility to me. As I sit on this mudcovered boulder and to the river as it bounces on the banks, I feel at home.

Yee Leng by the river

The sun is beating on my back, and its constantly hiding behind clouds make me feel warm and makes me want to laugh. I love the shadows of the mountain with the little spots of light that creeps up on it. The trees are tall and green, green all around. No red or yellow, no stopping or slowing down. Just constant moving green, go. The river, life constantly moving no matter what happens and when blocked, finds a new path. This is the wilderness, untouched beauty that always moves on, forward, it never even turns back to look at me, because it knows that it is mightier than I.
I want to jump in the river and sleep.
I want to touch Bambi’s fur and talk with it, “Wazzzzzap!”
I want to stay here forever and ponder life.
Why is life important? Why does it matter? Why did it happen.
Life is confusing and this wilderness only makes it harder to understand but one thing for sure, life is beautiful, and it should stay that way. IT SHOULD STAY THAT WAY.

Yee Leng chilling by the river
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