Meme portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 7-10, 2011
  • Meme
  • The kNOw
  • Sequoia National Park

Hmm did a little hiking out but not too much, I didn’t really want to go because my migraine wasn’t going away but it did and I’m happy. To be able to sit in a grassy meadow and look up at the mountain top is such a powerful feeling. Everything is so calm. Out here on this expedition is so cool, there’s no cars, horns, yelling, screaming, or a voice out of nowhere to bug you. All you hear are birds and the river or at night maybe a frog or cricket here or there, but all in all I’m so glad I came this is a once in a lifetime chance that I have got to do yay

Meme posing with her pack

What does wilderness mean to you?

Wilderness to me means nature and wild things. To be out in the wilderness is to bond with Mother Nature and it really gives you a different view on life. It shows you the things you take advantage of in your daily life outside of the wilderness. Out here in the wilderness you see sites that you don’t think are real, and even when you just took a pic in front of that view it still looks fake even though you just seen it with your own eyes. It’s breathtaking and I love the wilderness so much.

Meme crosses a bridge
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