Erica portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 7-10, 2011
  • Erica
  • The kNOw
  • Sequoia National Park

Day 1

Today not much happened. We made it to Yosemite but I am exhausted. The snow was cool though and William threw a snowball at me ha! Meeting the advisors was interesting they seem nice. Well the hardest parts of the day were packing our bags and saying goodbye to the bathroom. Oh gosh I am going to miss it. We even saw some deer how awesome right? I’m so excited for tomorrow though!

Day 2

It wasn’t that hard getting up this morning. I felt well rested and eager for the day. We even got packed up in record timing. The trail was deadly though. The first two hours were easy trail but after that it was steep monster hills. The whole journey took an inner power that I didn’t know I had. The courage everyone showed was astounding. We climbed over rocks and logs, even shimmied over some snow. Overall, the adventure was satisfying. The waterfall? AMAZING. But I’m pretty sure that my legs and feet hate me.

Erica and Meme

What does wilderness mean to me?

freedom wildlife caution ancestors strange nature alone uncomfortable irreplaceable oxygen bonding different plants unique unknown preserved sacred

Erica by the river
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