Yahaira portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 22-26, 2011
  • Yahaira
  • Kingsburg High School
  • Yosemite National Park

People come to spots like this because they want to learn something new on what they see. Another reason is because they want to explore the wilderness and whats around it. Also for they could share the wonderful places there are here with a family member. They can also enjoy nature with the things they see in the wilderness.

yahaira journaling

The most exciting thing about the wilderness for me was the river. I enjoyed the river because it’s nice, sunny, and quiet. Also because you could see the glacier point from here. I enjoyed the river a lot because theres a nice view from here, and also because you could hear the birds, and the people. Another thing would be the hike down from Yosemite. I enjoyed the hike because on the way down we were singing songs and laughing a lot. Also because we saw many people either going up or coming down. Also el capitan because it had a nice view and you could see everything from there.

Yahaira by the merced

"The most exciting thing about the wilderness for me was the river."

Yahaira treating water

Treating water...Don't forget to burp your bottle!

Ruth and Yahaira

Ruth and Yahaira on top of North Dome.

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