Kristy portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 16-21, 2011
  • Kristy
  • Boys and Girls Club of Merced County
  • Yosemite National Park

Wilderness to me means something that has no use of technology! IT’s the natural thing in this universe. Wilderness has no roads by it and is away from cities. Wilderness is filled with animals that would not be in your backyard. Wilderness is made up from threes, soil, plants, insects, rocks and mountains. Theirs along list that goes on. Wilderness is the natural beauty of earth. “We demolish wilderness to create modernism” =( Wilderness to me also is very pretty. Back home you do not get a kute scenery of beautiful mountains that clouds rest on! Wilderness is amazing.

Wow, so I was the leader for the hike! This time I really felt like Shelton when he met Oprah! I was leading the group as if I done this billion of time, but from the inside I literally felt as if I was going to die. But, as I kept leading it turned into a piece of cake.

Campsite! It’s so kute!

My eyes twinkle as the sun goes down.
My eyes rise as I see the orange,
I sit on the rock and see the kute pink shade on those mountains.

From this experience I learned in order to accomplish a dream or goal you have to go step by step. So, when I go back home to Merced, I want to change the way my mind thinks! I let people’s opinion get to me and I start believing their lies when I tell someone what I want to do, they put me down by saying it’s too hard to get their. I will not let people’s wrong word put my dreams down.

Kristy collecting wood

Kristy collecting firewood.

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