Isabel portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 16-21, 2011
  • Isabel
  • Boys and Girls Club of Merced County
  • Yosemite National Park

Wilderness to me means natural nothing untouched, somewhere where you could relax and enjoy the view. Wilderness means a lot to me because its animals homes, we need to take care of it. Wilderness it’s a place where you could go to enjoy view and learn, its somewhere you can go to escape, to think, to see the beauty of nature and learn how to camp and hike.

On my backpacking trip it was so fun, exciting, we did had some trouble with the backpacks but it was all worth it, the blisters, getting sick, falling, losing things, getting to know each other singing around the campfire, climbing clouds rest which was 10,000 ft. I never knew I would ever do that. Everyone was amazing. Something that I would do to improve myself would be to try to get along with my stepdad and try not to pick on my sister Elvia. I would also want to help all homeless dogs and animals that are being mistreated.

Isabel stewardship

Isabel restores a campsite in Little Yosemite Valley.

isabel portrait
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