Dania portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 16-21, 2011
  • Dania
  • Boys and Girls Club of Merced County
  • Yosemite National Park

Now that I know what wilderness means, somewhere where no human has touched and can’t touch, it means a lot to me. It means how beautiful a place can be when human doesn’t get involved in. I find it kinda sad how in some places human has defiled it. Yeah, its true that we need those places but they just keep adding up to it which I think isn’t good. I wish that this wilderness will last forever or at least a long time. When your out here its so amazing. Not many people get to see this or get to be here. Before wilderness was just wilderness but now I see it differently. I see it as a great place where many people should experience it. Its tough but you could make it. At the end its all worth it. I know that this experience is going to be in my heart forever.

Dania stewardship

Restoring a campsite in Little Yosemite Valley.

One step forward…

What I want to do is be a role model for my younger brothers. I want them to know that anything that they set their minds to is possible. Like in this trip I thought it was challenge and it is but I still made it. I told myself that I could do it and to not back down and I didn’t. I feel proud of myself. Now I want my brothers and not just them but other younger kids know its possible. What ever they want to do they could do it with one step at a time. I would like to be able to talk to younger kids and tell them about this experience. Another thing would be my love for art. I love to draw and the view at Cloud Rest was amazing and [inspired] me to start drawing. It felt so great sitting up there and drawing. I loved doing it and I would like to do it again. I do kinda see myself getting involved with hiking more. I want to go back and draw on top of Cloud Rest. I want to get involved with that more. I just have to take one step at a time…

dania cooking

Dania cooking dinner.

dania eating breakfast

Dania eating breakfast.

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