• Expedition: Oct 16-21, 2011
  • Boys and Girls Club of Merced County
  • Yosemite National Park

Nine adventurous students from Golden Valley and Le Grand High Schools joined us through the Boys and Girls Club of Merced County for an unforgettable week of high country travel and stellar autumn weather. They saw some of the best of Yosemite as they hiked from Tuolumne down to the Valley, performing service projects and exploring waterfalls along the way. Thanks for a wonderful week!


Weather: Sunny
Mileage: 3 miles
Activities: Met Shelton Johnson, Theater, packing for the 3 day hike, lunch at Yosemite Falls

So the WildLink crew and I met the magnificent Shelton the famous celebrity in Yosemite National park he had various stories from meeting the president of the USA to keeping the buffalo soldier history alive. I am sure he has a great future ahead of him. Second day going to the Yosemite Village theater; we learned about the diff types of bears especially the black bear which have been seen many times here at the Park. As well as what they eat, habitat, history. Packing was a bit stressful. When I first saw all the things and assests I was like that’s gonna be more tha 100 pds but really it was only 40 pds the whole pt is that I am looking forward for the 3 day hike and I believe the rest of the crew as well. So we will see how tomorrow goes.

group with shelton

Ranger Shelton Johnson engaging the students in one of his stories.

Lornor issues gear

Lornor helps the crew get outfitted.


Weather: Sunny, warm
Mileage: 3.5
Activities: We hiked up a mountain, enjoyed the scenery and learned how to set a campsite.

Today the hike was very hard and physically challenging. We all kept a positive attitude and supported each other and motivated when someone was very tired. We all helped each other with our bags and we learned A LOT about teamwork. Our bags weighed about 40 pounds (which was like carrying a 5th grader on our backs all day) for 3.5 miles. It felt like a million miles, it was tiring. We got to see the sunset, which was beautiful. The sky was illuminated into a pinkish color which was amazing. We are all tired and sore. Our joints hurt but we all feel accomplished b/c we hiked up a mountain for our first time.

a snow family

They discovered a snow family.


Weather: Sunny/windy/cool
Mileage: 6 miles
Activity: Went to Cloud’s Rest!

“Getting there”

Theirs two kinds of hikes a slower paste one and a faster one. Today our activity was to hike to cloud’s rest! It took about three miles to get their. As we hike to cloud’s rest we go at a slow paste. We had to take twinkle (bathroom) breaks and the mountain was steep so we were breathing hard! But it was a great hike.

Descending clouds rest

Hiking down from Cloud's Rest.

“Cloud’s Rest”

My group all had lunch at cloud’s rest! Which is the greatest place to have. By going to cloud’s rest it gave us the right definition of what wilderness means. Wilderness isn’t a wild, scary place where you need to keep a gun or something but in my words wilderness is the natural beauty of this universe! For a fact I see it with my own eyes. I got to sit on this huge rock and see a life scenery of beautiful mountains, trees, rocks, which clouds rested on =) not only that, but I got TEN minutes of the best sleep EVER! I would describe it as it was so peaceful and I would stay their for a century! I believe so many people do not know what wilderness is but if anybody had that chance they would exactly know what I’m talking about.

pointing to half dome

Checking out the view of Half Dome from above.


As we were going to Cloud’s Rest one of the group members got a bloody nose. But the support from her friends and group member kept her going. The leader slowed down and we all kept a eye on her. But that’s not it…on the way back I got held up with something and that was when I step on a rock and it moved, which hurt my ankle ouch! But I had support from my whole group that kept me going. All of this support came with a positive attitude, so I knew my group members had a positive attitude which is something great to have =).

group massage line

Massage assembly line after a long day with heavy packs.


Weather: Cold, Warm, Sunny
Mileage: 7.5 miles
Activities: hike down to campground, campfire, singing, journals, and the trash-off with a Ranger.

Today in the last remaining day of camping outside was a lot of hard work. We hiked from our campsite to a one day use camp which was 7 miles down from where we stayed. The last day was very interesting and exciting because had to eat tuna for lunch and saw half dome perfectly. We also had to meet a ranger name Kristin and its also funny because we were eating dinner where we were telling our stories of outdoors but all of the stories had a sad part to it. On the first day Araceli got sick and vomited as the next day Isabel and me felt sick and not feeling well. I got a bloody nose as hiking to the top of cloud’s rest and it was always on and off. The day where it was always so close to the last and final day of the camp always SUCK because once you get to know and have a laugh with your campions it will feel like you all have been a family for so so long that nothing can come between you guys and the nature that you have met. I really enjoyed this week and all the crazy things and challenges I had to overcome. The challenges were very interesting because my whole family supported me to move forward and never give up. The family I have for this trip is one of the best that I can ever wish for and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. My family members Tonee (funny), Bao (super kind), Araceli (funny, hilarious), Isabel (sweet), Kristy (cute and hilarious), Mayra (strong, runner), Dania (supportive), and Andrew (weird, awesome); these are my family members from the oldest to youngest. The one thing that I really wish to have known was to wear a lot of layers when going to sleep or else you’ll freeze to death. The mountains are just gorgeous and so beautiful because the sun starts to show up but a lot of colors are all in the sky which fills your heart with warmth and unbelieveness that never leaves your mind. All the adventures we had was the best in the world which I would never regret because a great experience is a never ending experience.

The big day was here at last
The bags are ready and fat
Morning came as the food went
Trails long and hard
Rocks here and there
Sky full of colors as stars appeared
Bonding was in and out of rounds
As the bounds came down
The trail was long and hard
The weather chilled through a bar
Trees would stand so tall
As the water stream would bust with haul
Yosemite is a place to be
Where mountains and trees could be
Where water stream flow smooth as such
Where half dome lays above
Yosemite is a place to be
As your day dreams come to be seen
The weather chills as hot air blows
The food is good but don’t rush
But one place to be is in

By Maria

Ranger Kristen

Ranger Kristen imitates a wild beast.

ranger kristen demos stewardship

She also facilitated a stewardship project: campsite restoration and...

trash off

a trash-off!


"Nevada Falls"

I will never forgot this amazing trip. My mind set a goal and I clearly gave it all I had. I would backpack over and over again. This experience is one that gained knowledge and the power to believe in myself.

group at nevada falls

Hiking down the falls to Yosemite Valley.


Coming to Yosemite Valley
now leaving to face my own destiny,
I say goodbye, good friend,
goodbye. I will soon return
for a new journey. I'll bring
my family to meet you once
again but actually value you
and fall in love with you.
Oh I'm going to miss the hard
times you gave me figuring
your many other paths. I really
had fun singing with you and
making beats with your
extraordinary natural musical tools. I really
love you and appreciate you
soo much. I say goodbye, good friend,
goodbye. I will soon return
for a new journey.


goofy clouds rest

Boys and Girls Club of Merced County

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