Crystal portrait
  • Expedition: May 15-20, 2011
  • Crystal
  • Venture Academy
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy

Challenging someone makes them a better strategizer and challenges them mentally and physically depending on the challenge. There is a lot of challenges you can make for urself or to someone else. For example my challenge was coming up on La Conte Point it was hard going up but I think going down is going to be easy. The value of challenge is you can make the challenge on whatever you want and can make it easier or harder whenever you want.

Crystal clearing the trail

To be truthful if someone asks me what wilderness means to me I just look like uhhh…I don’t know, but if I really think about the wilderness and how things happen in a certain way like how the rocks exfoliate, just peels like an onion and how the mountain makes a perfect form, its like it formed in that way for us humans to be able to climb them and see how beautiful everything in nature is. Everywhere your at in the wilderness is beautiful and amazing. I don’t know how people could not want to come.

Furthermore, wilderness is somewhere someone go and get away from everything and what’s what I like about it, so I must say wilderness means a lot to me.

Crystal relaxing
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