Mary portrait
  • Expedition: May 1, 2011
  • Mary
  • Generation Green - Reedley High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy

The experience of backpacking with my friends in the wilderness, being able to see so many beautiful views has changed my relationship with the earth because now I know what it takes to keep a place so beautiful. It may be difficult to remember how to make sure every piece of unnatural things are picked up, but at the end it is all worth. Back in my community, I will share with my family and friends about the beauty from Tilltill Valley, LeConte Point and Rancheria Falls because these places so far are the most beautiful places I have seen. I will also encourage others to come and see the beauty that is theirs.

To me wilderness means being able to smell and breath clean air, see a great natural view and wild animals, to hear sounds that you don’t hear everyday.

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crossing creek
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