Janira portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 17-22, 2011
  • Janira
  • Dorsey & Leuzinger High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park: Hetch Hetchy

The wilderness has taught me to appreciate life itself. With a limited amount of resources, we use things wisely. Taking the chance to explore this place has been the best thing I have ever done. I’m surrounded by many positive people. In this trip there is no giving up! We all have to keep going, challenge ourselves and know that at the end we will all feel very accomplished. Whenever I feel I can’t proceed anymore, I look front and down back for motivation.

Coming here has definitely made me cherish nature; to protect it and not destroy it. Surrounded by these huge mountains, clear sky view, big trees, and snow have made me come into realization how much of a better person I can be.

When I get back home I want to use less profanity, not get angry, be happy and appreciate all my loved ones. I will also like to share my part at home; just like I have worked in a team here, I will love to do that with my family!

writing in her journal
with the group relaxing
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