Ulises portrait
  • Expedition: May 2-7, 2010
  • Ulises
  • Generation Green of the Central CA Consortium and EcoAcademy of the Southern CA Consortiums
  • Yosemite National Park

Wilderness is a place where there’s no civilization and where no one can tell you to follow rules. It feels like there are no responsibilities and everywhere you go is your home. This experience in the nature makes me feel part of it by doing similar things wild animals do and the wilderness is the best thing in the world. What I have discovered about myself is that I love nature and that inside of me I really want to take care of it. What I learned about the natural world is that we need it in order to survive. These lessons that I gain from WildLink made me realize that I waste too much food, water, and all those materials we need to use in our lives and I’m going to value all the things I have.

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