Jose E portrait
  • Expedition: May 2-7, 2010
  • Jose E
  • Generation Green of the Central CA Consortium and EcoAcademy of the Southern CA Consortiums
  • Yosemite National Park

Wilderness is a place where you can relax and really connect with other living things that share the world with us. Nature makes me feel relaxed and calm and not have to worry about everyday life in family or society…I think that now that I had this experience with WildLink I learned to appreciate Nature and how it’s very important to take care of it. I think that wilderness is more important than anything else because it gives a balance to the world. Even though we need way more, it’s nice to have a place like Yosemite and other forests around to this day and hope we can keep them around for years to come. I think that this experience helped me be a better person and now I can help, even if it’s by myself, I could encourage other people to think more about nature.

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