Gustavo portrait
  • Expedition: May 2-7, 2010
  • Gustavo
  • Generation Green of the Central CA Consortium and EcoAcademy of the Southern CA Consortiums
  • Yosemite National Park

Wilderness to me is a spot to enjoy and a relaxing place to be where there’s no problems. I have learned that we ourselves are part and play a big part in wilderness. Wilderness is not something that can be bought or sold, it is to remain priceless, for us humans to enjoy a part of mother nature. I have learned many things about the natural world. It all started with an observation; from an observation to how we actually use our skills and put them into action. This experience impacted me because now I know little things and time is better and gets the job done right. I have discovered that nature itself gives us or me a better way or idea of how I see things and will begin to do. These lessons that were given to me made lots of sense. I now know I can go back home and share what I’ve learned with family and friends and tell them that seeing a bear isn’t that scary or that nature itself can teach you new things every day. I believe that there is value in nature because a single touch and a view of the scenery can be worth more than a word.

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