Enoc portrait
  • Expedition: May 2-7, 2010
  • Enoc
  • Generation Green of the Central CA Consortium and EcoAcademy of the Southern CA Consortiums
  • Yosemite National Park

Wilderness is an area of a beautiful sight
Interactions of animals and plants that bring in might
Lovely beauty of a flower and rock
Delightful valley views last more than hours on climber’s clock Entirely a new world for a city guy
Righteously deserves to know the look of a butterfly
Now, wilderness is a feeling that I didn’t get
Except the day that a forest I met
Slowly the day will come to an end
Soon wilderness I will come to comprehend.

The sweat of my forehead blinded my eyes,
Because I was used to a simple device
From the bike, to bus, to car and an elevator
I had to learn to become a strength regenerator.

I have learned that the natural world is much more beautiful than the city world because a mural can’t be as nice as something done by no hands. It’s more complex to paint the world without a brush but nature manages to do it. I discovered that I could write more of my memories (poems) out in the wilderness than in a room full of posters of nature. It impacted me by changing my thoughts of…natural resources…I don’t have to buy a TV to have fun. Just looking up at the sky is nice. The lessons of unity, endurance, and thought shall bring me close to my family and strengthen me physically while it controls my thoughts.

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