Hannah portrait
  • Expedition: Nov 7-12, 2010
  • Hannah
  • Kingsburg HS
  • Yosemite National Park

Wilderness is important to society because it gives people a place to go and find solitude or a chance to see areas of the natural world that hasn’t been developed by man. Being able to do that really helps people feel a connection to the world they live in and makes them really appreciate what they have a chance to see and preserve. I learned that it is important to leave the natural world as natural as you can because humans can greatly affect nature, usually in a bad way. The natural world is a place of beauty.

This week I learned that I am a lot more able to push myself than I usually do and that I have the endurance to do things I didn’t think I would be able to do. I also learned that I can be a leader and that I like to help people.

These lessons apply quite a bit to daily life. On this trip we have all taken chances to lead a group, cook, and various other jobs that are common in daily life. It also provided us to be able to adapt to situations more. We learned more about carrying your own weight in more than just a physical meaning. I appreciate how this group really looked out for each other and helped each other when needed. Even though the conditions weren’t what we were used to, we all still found ways to have fun and laugh together.

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