Dreama portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 17-22, 2010
  • Dreama
  • Environmental Studies Academy and Merced Boys and Girls Club
  • Yosemite National Park

Today was amazing! We started off kinda late in the day, like 10 or 11. At first I was against this whole day hike because I thought, "Wow this is going to waste a lot of time, going up from camp, then back down," but seriously this is the best view I've ever seen in my entire 14 years of life. The hike up was really hard at times, but also it became easy. Now that I'm all the way at the top of a nearly 10,000 foot mountain, I feel like I can just about conquer anything someone throws at me. Can you believe it, I'm sitting on a mountain in the middle of a cloud!

dreama dreama dreama

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