Maria portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 12-17, 2010
  • Maria
  • Turlock and Pitman HS
  • Yosemite National Park

I have learned so many things about me. Some examples of my learning is how many strength I have, like walking uphill, down hills, and straight. Because when I was doing PE in high school I could barely walk 2 miles. Now I have been walking like 30 miles. Also I learn how to protect the wild, like by not stepping on plants, digging a hole when wanting to go on a “mission”. Also more. For me it was a 360 degree around this trip. I had never been hiking before. One thing very important that I really learn about myself was the heights, like hiking to Clouds Rest. I went to the top! I was surprised because I am afraid of the top…It was very fun!

We want to protect nature so we can enjoy this fantastical wilderness, because if we don’t’ protect it there will be nothing to see. For real, I am not saying it for just saying. When I first came I was bored and I was thinking to myself, “okay, I am going to see trees, rocks, not much. I have them in my own house, what is the big deal?” But now that I came and discovered this beautiful little world waiting to be found by human eyes, now that I have been here, and been to all this dream, I mean trip, I will protect it.

maria maria maria

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