Joslyn portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 19-24, 2009
  • Joslyn
  • Generation Green of Reedley and Orange Cove HS and Harbor City/Gardena Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Yosemite National Park. Little Yosemite Valley.

Wilderness is getting in touch with the beauty of nature and being away from all of your materialistic things. Wilderness is important to me because it shows me that I can depend on myself to achieve the impossible like climbing to the peak of a mountain. Being in nature shows people how to believe and have faith in themselves to accomplish anything they have their heart set on in life. I learned that lending a hand is something everyone should do because one day when you need it someone will help you. The juice was really worth the squeeze. All of us really got to know each other by helping one another.

Joslyn Joslyn
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