Gretanya portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 5-10, 2009
  • Gretanya
  • Crenshaw and Dorsey HS
  • Yosemite National Park. Hetch Hetchy.

This is a once in a lifetime trip. Sitting down looking at the four waterfalls combined is so beautiful. I don’t know when I am gonna get to see it again but it’s so beautiful. I feel like I got over a lot of things here, like working with others. It’s also good knowing that I am with my school rival Dorsey-some of the kids are awesome. I wish that my loved ones could have been here with me. It is soo beautiful. I would really like to come back one day. I really enjoyed my trip, it was awesome. I would love to come back and work at the park for a job. I have really changed a lot and am happy because it is for the best.

Gretanya Gretanya
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