Gabriel portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 22-27, 2009
  • Gabriel
  • Merced HS and Vista HS
  • Yosemite National Park. Little Yosemite Valley.
Gabriel 1

Depending on how open and ambitious you are, the wilderness can be a natural heaven. There is food, comfort, and beauty offered in almost all parts of the wilderness.

The wilderness to me is a natural encyclopedia. The difference between the wilderness and the man-made encyclopedia is that in the wilderness it has virtually everything. See, the man-made encyclopedia has everything human beings know contained in it, while the wilderness has things that we don’t know and only can learn about and observe in it. Normal man-made encyclopedias are read to understand, while in the wilderness you can have hands-on observations and experiences to learn more.

In the wilderness there are sounds that can influence musicians. There are images and scenery that can influence artists. There are trails and mountains to hike and climb that can influence athletes. There is something for everyone in the wilderness in whatever you may do, whether it be good or bad. The wilderness can bring perspective to anyone willing to gain it.

Yosemite is a place that deserves to be preserved. The first step in the preservation process must be started at home. I believe the main problem in my community is the society. I believe these social issues can be changed if people take a visit to the wilderness and realize the world is so much bigger than themselves. I definitely value the wilderness and believe it should be preserved.

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