Elizabeth portrait
  • Expedition: Sep 27 - Oct 2, 2009
  • Elizabeth
  • Turlock HS
  • Yosemite National Park: Mt Hoffman
Elizabeth 1

This was my first hiking trip. I accomplished something-I would not have known I was able to do things like this. I learned so many things that can hurt the forest and the animals that live here. We started from Curry Village to Mount Hoffman. Wow! No words to say about this. This is one experience I will never forget. Climbing Mount Hoffman was hard but I made it. Thanks to the boys, they helped me through. Thanks to group Mix Assemble. The view is so beautiful. There are things I can’t even explain. This was…hard work but I made it. I did survive. And I will survive. These words helped me through the long journey. This hiking trip won’t be my last one. It’s just the beginning to saving the forest and everything that is around us. Five days has passed and it feels that I know everything on surviving and saving the future generation. I feel like crying, not because I’m scared, it’s because I did it. Crying for enjoyment. Even a size 4 foot, 11inches tall person can do it. I’m not tall but I know that I made it-that’s worth something to me. This will always be in my memories. It’s good to get away from electronics. Enjoy the sounds of nature. I saw Half Dome. I heard rocks sliding-this sound will never be heard in the city. I enjoyed the trip so much…I had an awesome trip. I have new plans now to go to the national parks and go hiking. Thank you so much, I enjoyed the trips so much. I can’t wait till the next trip.

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