• Career Connection: Jun 16-27, 2008
  • Bridge Program 2008
  • Yosemite National Park.

In Summer 2008, the Yosemite-WildLink Bridge Program marked a second successful multi-disciplinary two-week program for five WildLink Ambassadors. Students were immersed in a hands-on job shadowing project centred on jobs, skills and continuing education needed to work in Yosemite National Park.

Each day, students got one-on-one training and interviewed park professionals in over 30 different disciplines. Students were exposed to wildlife biologists, fire archaeologists, medics, educators, rangers, park law enforcement, geologists and resource planners. An overnight backpacking trip and daily journaling were also part of the project. NPS Wilderness Education Office Supervisor Jesse Chakrin provided the planning and fundraising for the Yosemite-WildLink Bridge Program, which has distinguished itself as the program with the longest duration for volunteer job shadowing in Yosemite. "The program has really taken on a life of its own with professionals in the Park," said Chakrin. "The cross-exposure impact of students on Park Service officers is just as valuable for them as it is for students. And every day, we saw evidence that students were really challenged to think and discipline themselves."


It was an inspiring, educational, adventurous and exhausting two weeks, and we can't wait to do it again next year! WildLink Community Coordinator David Kuhn, NPS Yosemite Leadership Program Manager Jesse Chakrin, and WildLink Program Coordinator Cynthia Ramaciotti took the lead on this very exciting program.

We would like to thank the Yosemite Fund, Yosemite Valley School, Yosemite Institute, Delaware North Company, Yosemite Association and Yosemite National Park for their generosity, which made this program possible.

We will be offering this program next year to another six WildLink alumni, and we want to see YOU here next summer!

with Shelton wildlife spotting Bridge participant at the medical clinic on the trail climbing with Yosemite Association one on one power tools the circle group
WildLink is a proud partner of the National Park Service, National Forest Service, and Nature Bridge.