David portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 6-11, 2008
  • David
  • Generation Green, Central CA Consortium
  • Yosemite Merced Grove to Foresta
david and friends

The experience with the Earth really changed my relationship with it because I feel that if I could go out to anywhere, I can accomplish anything that I want. I feel that the Earth should be more respected and taken care of. I feel that as human beings...we should consider protecting this rich land, these beautiful mountain sights. I feel now that I really need to start protecting the environment that is all around me. I feel that the community where I live should experience the nature the way I see it with my own eyes. I feel that there should be more trees growing in the valley that we all live in. I now feel that the earth is one great place where we can all extend our feelings toward the nature that we're all living in. I feel that I can now accomplish anything that I set my mind to.

hiking at play by the waterfall
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