Carol portrait
  • Expedition: Nov 8-12, 2008
  • Carol
  • Richard Iglehart Memorial Expedition: Kingsburg and Madera HS
  • Yosemite National Park. Old Big Oak Flat to Yosemite Valley.
putting up the tent

I see that if I am strong and have the courage to not give up and hike to the top of El Capitan, everything in life is possible. All I have to do is never give up and always do my best. I hear how amazing and wonderful nature can be. I taste the happiness and joy, enjoying this wonderful view from El Capitan. I touch the hands of those that have been with me throughout the journey. This is a sign of gratitude and friendship because they encouraged me to continue in the hardest moments of this journey. Thanks to everyone, I stand here on top of El Capitan. I feel that everything in life is possible no matter what it is. Also that my hard work and effort has paid off very well.

I have learned to love and care for nature, because it is a part of me and many others. I learned that nature should be preserved so that other generations can view it just like I am now. I also learned to trust and be more confident with myself.

break half dome
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