Aaron portrait
  • Expedition: Nov 8-12, 2008
  • Aaron
  • Richard Iglehart Memorial Expedition: Kingsburg and Madera HS
  • Yosemite National Park. Old Big Oak Flat to Yosemite Valley.

I see the most gorgeous view of Yosemite that I have ever seen. I can see the outline of the Coastal Range straight over the clouds above the central valley. I hear nothing but creatures that are permanent residents of Yosemite. Also the occasional jet. It is so awesomely peaceful. I taste the delicious flavor of accomplishment. Like a good piece of tri-tip, it may be touch to chew sometimes, but the taste is excellent. I touch the expanse of air around me. There not much closer to heaven on earth. I feel great, because climbing mountains is one of my favorite things. This is definitely the most spectacular view out of any place I have ever been.

I dedicated this summit, elevation 7,779 feet, to Dad, because he got me into backpacking. I appreciate everything he has done for me, and this is one way I would like to thank him. He has pushed me to do my best at everything.

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