Yazminn portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 19-24, 2008
  • Yazminn
  • Pajaro Valley HS
  • Sequoia National Park. Emerald and Pear Lakes.
tree hugger

Today was a pretty crazy day. Most of the time I kept asking myself "What did Mr. B and my teachers see in me that made them think I could do this?" I kept pushing myself hoping my legs wouldn't give out like I knew they could. I stayed right behind the person ahead of me no matter how hard it was. I'm just glad I made it without dying. I've been looking forward to sleep.

Wilderness with a capital W to me is any park that has anything to do with wild trees, plants, animals, etc. Wilderness without the capital W is all other forests, canyons lakes and whatnot that have yet to be saved. I don't think I have an official "wild" place. You can call me crazy for this, but I guess my "wild" place would have to be my grandmother's backyard. I can sleep in the nice grassy sun and listen to the birds chirping. It's so calm...I let my mind run wild if I have to. That's my "wild" place.


What makes this place special? If you were here in this spot where I am, you wouldn't even have to ask me this question. This place is so beautiful, it's hard to believe most people never visit place like this at least once in their lives. This place is so calm and just so amazing. It may be out in the nowhere, to most people, but to me this is definitely somewhere I'll always remember.

Sequoia National park and home are most definitely two different places, yet at the same time, they are equal to me. At home, I'm always too busy to sit and think about myself or appreciate what I have. I have most definitely grown attached to my surroundings here at Sequoia National Park and do not want to leave, yet I most definitely do for I miss my mother. I will leave this place, wanting to come back and bring my family and just enjoy this with them. I have come to notice is that when they say "you can do anything you set you mind to" they who say it are right; what I have done this last week, I know I did, but I myself can't believe I did. Life is crazy and I feel full of life up here. group

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