Fatima portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 19-24, 2008
  • Fatima
  • Pajaro Valley HS
  • Sequoia National Park. Emerald and Pear Lakes.
getting water

Today we went up to 3 meadows on an off trail that was very exciting. After dinner two of my friends went to the lake to get water. Suddenly we heard them yell & they said they saw a coyote and a bobcat. I was sent to go with them & smart me I was video taping it. Before getting to the lake I heard something. We went on top of a rock & oh my god we had so many eyes looking at us in the dark. We screamed so loud all of the camp came to us. Four of the animals went away but we only figured out one with our head lamps. It turned out to be a coyote. We got water and went back to camp. We watched the video I recorded and you could actually see one pair of eyes looking at the camera. I'm in my tent right now & we hear something moving our bowls. then they want to our tents and started to chew on something. I think it could have been a marmot.

taking a break

Wilderness to me is a place that is out in the open. No roads, just trails, the nature around that place such as animals, plants, rocks and the natural waters. Somewhere that is away from the city. A place where you can actually see the stars shine bright. My wild place would actually be a park by my house because people hardly go there. I appreciate the trees and the sounds of wind. That's as close as I can get from my house.

What makes this place sp special is the way how people car for this place, it's quiet and clean. The rivers, lakes, rocks and views make Sequoia National Park a great place. Sequoia has nothing compared to my home. I prefer to be here in Sequoia than at my house (if there would be showers) and anybody that comes here would absolutely love this place. An epiphany that I had so far is enjoying the sounds of the rivers, the lakes, the stars and watching the colors change on the rocks at Emerald Lake.

I feel so happy. I never imagined I could fall in love with a place like this. I am a type of person that is very materialistic with fashion, make up, accessories and stuff like that. Here I'm not worried about looking good or making sure my hair looks nice or my nails are shinie; no it's not that, it's just me & nature. I am a little uncomfortable about the fact that I haven't showered in six days but I can‘t really do anything about it.

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