Elizabeth portrait
  • Expedition: May 24-28, 2007
  • Elizabeth
  • Harbor City Boys and Girls Club
  • Sequoia National Park

Thoughts on wilderness

  • wildlife
  • forest
  • prevent forest fires
  • wilderness sounds
  • trees
  • birds
  • bugs
  • deer
  • bears
  • stars

I am in the tree
I see tree tops
I hear the lake
I smell pine tress
I taste food
I love to eat
I feel the wind
I know what I am
I wish I were bigger
I say "cheesburger"
I am a "cheeseburger bird" (chickadee)

I was helped by Nick when he helped me put on my backpack up the trail when I was struggling. I really appreciated that. I wish I had real food to eat up there like pizza or In and Out

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