Jorge portrait
  • Expedition: May 4-7, 2007
  • Jorge
  • Generation Green of Reedley and Orange Cove HS
  • Kings Canyon National Park

Today I thought that it was wonderful. Some of the reasons I liked this hike were exploring around the wilderness and learn about the different kind of trees and why they grow in certain places. One of the most interesting thing that I found out was the special use of a cave. I thought that it was just a hole in the ground with strange creatures; now I know the cave helps filter out most of the junk out of water.

this (solo) walk to me was a challenge with wonderful surprises. I liked it because I was out alown with no other sound but nature. I would love to have more expirences like this one in my life. This hike will deffenetly help shape who I am going to become in the future. I would like to thank Stefany and savanna for this … oprotunity.

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