Jason portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 3-8, 2007
  • Jason
  • Gardena Boys and Girls Club and Oaklank Urban Releaf Program
  • Yosemite National Park: Old Big Oak Flat to Eagle Peak to Yosemite Falls

I see thousands of trees,
I hear the wind blowing the leaves,
it makes me not want to leave,
because I feel so at ease.
I can taste the pure air,
I see tiny toy cars down there,
Maybe they'll be where I am
On top of El Capitan.
I can touch the trees I can see,
I lookin for Wyle coyote.
I believe that this is where I was made,
I can feel the sun, I can feel the shade.
I can see a bird walking vertically,
Pecking for feel he almost ran into me,
Maybe he was put there for me to see,
He's probably eating better food than me.
I can almost see the same mountains that represent home,
I can also see the top of Half Dome.
I can't believe I had a snowball fight in June,
Makes me think I'm leaving way too soon.
Even though I've never been to this place before,
During this experience I've never been bored.


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