Kevin portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 27 - May 2, 2007
  • Kevin
  • Merced High School - Richard Iglehart Memorial Expedition
  • Yosemite National Park: Snow Creek to North Dome to Yosemite Falls
dance move

I see...half dome. It is very huge and if you look closely you can see a lot of faces.
I hear...birds chirping and wind blowing towards me.
I smell...all the pine trees.
I can taste...the water from the creek. It makes me feel relaxed after drinking it because it is refreshing and cool.
I feel...very tired and also excited at the very same time. I can't wait to go home and tell everyone about my trip.
I dream...that one day I'll come up here again and hike with my friends and family, and show them how beautiful it is!

This experience has changed my relationship with the earth by not leaving any trace behind because if you leave anything behind you can change the earth environment.

kevin journals kevin buried in snow kevin and half dome
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