• Expedition: Apr 27 - May 2, 2007
  • Merced High School - Richard Iglehart Memorial Expedition
  • Yosemite National Park: Snow Creek to North Dome to Yosemite Falls

The Richard Iglehart Memorial Expedition began with hot weather, which rapidly melted Yosemite's snow into spectacular waterfalls. Six students from Merced High School joined us for WildLink Expedition 7.

WildLink would like to thank the Richard Iglehart Wilderness Foundation for their generous support for making this expedition possible. It is the second of four Richard Iglehart memorial expeditions slated for this year.

On our very first day in Yosemite we got to know one another among the Giant Sequoia trees of the Tuolumne Grove and even got dirty early by crawling our way through a fallen giant. Throughout the whole day, even as we spent long hours preparing our equipment, clothing, and food, our group maintained a contagious level of excitement for the adventure that was ahead.

For our final full day in the wilderness we got to enjoy the rewards of working so hard the previous days. We started the day with an insightful lesson on leadership styles, then hit the trail with some quiet reflective time on a spirit walk. The rest of the hiking went fast and easy, helped by low mileage, no significant elevation gains, and the added advantage of lighter packs and stronger legs. We relaxed on the ridge above Yosemite Point, basking in the sun and the wind, taking time to be present with the place and ourselves. We learned about wilderness protection and designation, journaled, and ate lunch as a peregrine falcon soared above us. We peered over the lip of Yosemite Falls, the longest waterfall in North America, and headed home to our last wilderness campspot on a small ridge above Yosemite creek. Dinner felt especially elegant that night as we dined on a granite slab overlooking the creek, watching the sun go down for the day and the full moon rise above the tree tops, glowing yellow gold, before hiding into the clouds. There were a lot of coyotes out that night, some even slept out under the stars. Our final morning we made our way down the steep and windy Yosemite Falls trail, enjoying the views, the bird songs, and one another for a few final hours before officially exiting the wilderness. Words really can't express what a fun, hilarious, inspiring week we had on Expedition VII. Thank you to every member of our team, "the cross cultural community", for a wilderness experience that will never be forgotten.

group group dancing by half dome group by half dome group hiking group the boys
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