Yesenia portrait
  • Expedition: Nov 10-14, 2007
  • Yesenia
  • Kingsburg and Madera HS
  • Yosemite National Park

On cloud's rest, 10,000 feet: By far the most challenging and hardest thing/obstacle I have ever done in my life! Although at the very beginning I felt like quitting (5 minutes), I know somewhere deep down I had the will power to keep going. At the end of the day, I felt so proud of myself and through the aches and pains, it felt so rewarding.

From nature I have leaned that life may not always be beautiful but it's a beautiful ride. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous regardless of the obstacles we face to reach that scenery. When you are at the point of giving up and don't have it in you to push yourself, always remember that the end result is amazing. Appreciate your achievements, because there may be someone who is not as capable and yet feel as if they are at the top of the world.

Two weeks ago no where in my mind would I have been caught dead coming to this wonderful once in a lifetime trip. I was asked about a month ago and without thinking twice I automatically said NO! There is no way on earth I would miss two days of school because I saw this as a waste of time. One of the reasons for why I am here is because I have never taken any risks, hardcore challenges, or just simply adventures. I didn't want to go the rest of my life thinking that the only stories I was going to tell my children & grandchildren are of me being a school nerd. Now, I have something to look forward to and I am extremely grateful we got the opportunity to do something like this. I knew I wanted to experience something like this but the chance was never there nor was it going to be.

yesenia on peak taking a break by the river
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