Trevor portrait
  • Expedition: Nov 10-14, 2007
  • Trevor
  • Kingsburg and Madera HS
  • Yosemite National Park

"Wilderness is not undiscovered territory; it is a change of heart." Chip Rawlins

This is true. Like when you live in a city and you're really not used to the wilderness. You have to change a lot! So like when you go from the warm valley's city to a place where it gets to 20 degrees F at night, you really have to change your attitude towards certain things. Normally, you see camping as an annual summer time vacation and for some people, that's true. But I feel that camping is more of a time to test yourself by dealing with fall rains, winter snows, and challenging feats.

On clouds rest, 10,000 feet

I can only say one word and one word only; wow...the view up here is insane. It's so quiet and serene, it feels like all of your worries just go away. It is just incredible.It's so wonderdful that you just don't want to talk or move. It changes you. I am very proud to say that I have climbed up a mountain just by my own urgets to keep going. I consider myself extremely lucky. Not many children get to experience what I do.

journaling trevor in tree view
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