Luceli portrait
  • Expedition: Nov 10-14, 2007
  • Luceli
  • Kingsburg and Madera HS
  • Yosemite National Park

"Wilderness is not undiscovered territory; it is a change of heart." Chip Rawlins

I feel this quote is very true. In this first day I have experienced a lot and found out more about how beautiful nature is. I have met some great new people and have seen how different we all are but it makes us a great team. I have learned to trust my team members. I have also learned that nature is very important and we should clean it . I also started to pick up trash so when I go to a park I will definitely pick up trash laying around.

On top of Cloulds Rest, 10,000 feet: We are on the day of November 13. We went out of our campsite to CloudsRest. It was a lot of hard work but the view up here was well worth it. We got to see the whole Yosemite valley from our point of view. We had to overcome a lot of obstacles but it was well worth it. This trip has completely changed me and will definitely come next year. Our guides were the best; Sarah and Sally thank you for this wonderful experience. I will never forget you and hope you don't forget us.

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