Saul portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 19-22, 2007
  • Saul
  • Generation Green of Reedley and Orange Cove HS
  • Sequoia National Park. Twin Lakes Trail

When thinking of wilderness to my mind to me it means a very important word like nature. A quite place to be at with no noise around. Just hearing the beautiful noise of just the animals. To me wilderness is a very important word like take care of our backyard or backcountry. Lots of beautiful things these sequoia trees are hiding.

When Savannah said Saul you're next, I wanted to faint but I said I will do it. On this hike I felt scared and nervous due to, I was walking alone and would here bees bussing and of course the flies too but I took over that. On the way I found a Steller's Jay's feather. Walking alone is much better than walking in a group due to you can explore more of the beautiful nature that is out here. In the hiking I thought I saw a deer by the meadow. All in all, this hike was the best hike I ever took.

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