Yolanda portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 12-17, 2006
  • Yolanda
  • Kingsburg and Vista HS
  • Yosemite National Park

Wilderness is...

a place to really connect not only with nature, but yourself and the people around you. From what I have seen in this village so far; the beauty, I will really like the Wilderness. I know I am really lucky to be here and having the images in my mind, the images that will be taken to the grave with me. So many people don't know how beautiful it is here. When others think of Wilderness, they think-"there is nothing there but dirt." That isn't true; there is untouched beauty and comfort here.

"Some of the greatest journeys in life are measured in inches and not in miles." -Unknown

This week, I found a part of me that has been gone for a long time. I feel that the real me was brought out on this trip. I really have had a wonderful experience here, not only with two of the best counselors in the world and making so many new friends, but just waking up every morning and looking outside and seeing the wonderful snow covered mountains, the ground covered with whiteness, and the true beauty of nature. The experiences I have had here are ones that I will never forget, I mean, how could you forget finding yourself surrounded in nothing but beauty?

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