Nick portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 12-17, 2006
  • Nick
  • Kingsburg and Vista HS
  • Yosemite National Park

Wilderness is...

Land that lacks industry and technology. When I think of Wilderness I think of green trees and tents and campfires. So far my experience with Wilderness is great. I've seen a snowfox with a rodent in his mouth, bear tracks, and deer tracks. I like looking in the clear water rivers and hanging out in the Wilderness.

"Some of the greatest journeys in life are measured in inches and not in miles." -Unknown

Throughout this trip I have learned a lot of things. One thing is patience. I'm usually the kind of guy who is impatient and ill-tempered, but I have learned patience. I came here to camp and be happy. Throughout the trip I kept a cheerful attitude so I can stay happy. Even though a lot of things did not go as planned. By persevering we succeeded in doing the other thing-camping. But I heard we were not going to be camping in the snow. I stayed cheerful and did my best to help everyone on the trip. Something went wrong and we ended up snow camping after all. I was happy because I did what I came here for-to camp and have fun! Also I felt I took my level of responsibility to another height. I helped carry David down to the medics, I helped carry some of Juana's pots and I helped my friends pitch the tent with efficiency. I did a lot of things to help out around our circle of family. I feel I have learned to be happy in giving. This is my best thing I've learned. Be happy in giving. I loved helping Catherine and Mandy Vance! I will never forget them and I will always remember the good times together (especially cracker eating contest and the judging of the bean eating competition!).

nick on trail
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