Miguel portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 12-17, 2006
  • Miguel
  • Kingsburg and Vista HS
  • Yosemite National Park

Wilderness is... The freedom to do whatever, whenever, for whatever reason. Ultimate freedom both physically and mentally. Wilderness is showing yourself what you're made of. When you just don't know. Being in the Wilderness coming from a city is very different. The environment changes as well as the scenery and ambiance. Knowing that you are in another atmosphere can change so much over little amounts of time is both knowledgeable and rewarding.

"Some of the greatest journeys in life are measured in inches and not in miles." -Unknown

This week I have just let loose, my inner child became me and I also learned to use that to make the best of everything. This journey was never meant to end up like it did, but destiny sacrificed Juana's safety to lead us down the "other path", the one we as group were meant to take. Hites Cove is the norm for the Wildlink program, we are not normal. Each individual had their impact on me and the group. So like I was saying destiny, as a group we were meant to instill our greatest attributes into each other. Not just to have a good time, but to slowly change each other...inside. What will I take with me from this trip isn't just memories and pictures, because I truly believe we are closer than family. So until we meet again, in this life or the next, I will be waiting for my fellow brothers and sistas. I truly love you all with my whole heart and soul. The path of life takes in you in different directions—hardships, joy, decisions. I'd choose this one every time.

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