• Expedition: Mar 12-17, 2006
  • Kingsburg and Vista HS
  • Yosemite National Park

"Some of the greatest journeys in life are measured in inches and not in miles." -Unknown

Such is the motto of WildLink Expedition III! A variety of unforeseen complications changed our original plan of backpacking to Hite Cove to a frontcountry snow camping experience in Yosemite Valley; but the participants from Kingsburg and Vista High Schools took it all in stride. It seemed each day we faced some sort of new decision to make as a group, whether it was trying to find an alternative route for our trip to deciding the duration of our snow camping experience.

We had lots of surprises and adventures on the expedition, including being part of a Search and Rescue team that was able to help a hurt hiker on the trail, assisting with a Yosemite Institute aquatic biomonitoring research project and a day of big snow in Yosemite Valley.

No matter what challenge we faced, however, we managed to laugh and grow, no matter what. This group formed uncommonly intense bonds with one another, and for many it was a tearful parting at the end of the week.

Thank you for being such an open and wonderful team, Expedition III! And many happy returns to Yosemite and the Wilderness!

group at falls miguel on microscope cracker eating contest snow angel view of Sentinel Rock girls with packs group with teachers
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