Maria M portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 13-16, 2006
  • Maria M
  • Reedly and Orange Cove High Schools
  • Sequoia National Park

Twin Lakes is awesome! It's absolutely amazing! The rocks are gorgeous! The trees are so huge and green! I can't describe in words the beauty of this area. The sun is warm. The wind is fresh. All the hard work to get here was definitely worth it!

Sunday Oct. 15, 2006

Today was absolutely amazing. Camping out here is something I've really enjoyed. The mornings are gorgeous. Twin Lakes--WOW! I'm so fascinated about the beauty up there. I loved it! I learned some about cartography that was so cool! I had so much fun looking at water bugs. The ones I liked the most were dragonfly larvae. They did BACKFLIPS. It was awesome. I also created a soundmap. It was relaxing and fun at the same time. I enjoyed it. The hike back down today to Clover Creek was nice. Hiking by yourself is really peaceful and you get to think and enjoy at the same time.

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