Sandra portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 9-14, 2006
  • Sandra
  • Liberty and Madera High Schools - Richard Iglehart Memorial Expedition
  • Sierra National Forest: Hite Cove

Dear friends and family of Richard Iglehart,

I would like to thank you for giving the WildLink Program the support needed to bring our group up to Yosemite. This has been my first hiking and camping experience and I really value it. I had never realized how valuable it is to preserve the Wilderness. The Wilderness to me is a quiet place where you can come to get away from the city. I have come to appreciate that hard work pays off, after the many hours we have spent here. T o me the Wilderness is a place full of history, that lets you get away form materialistic possessions and enjoy nature. Our instructors Mandy and Deeps are full of knowledge; they have made this a learning but fun experience. With your support other students will also be able to have this experience and treasure it. Once more I would like to thank you, because your support has made this possible.

5 Senses Poem

Water flowing, fast current, the sounds of rain approaching.
All around me very big trees, the mountains, the river, our tents;
many insects and bugs crawling.
Tired, but happy and proud of myself that I accomplished the hike.
Everything seems very peaceful. I touched the water from the river;
it felt very cold but refreshing. Along the hike we drank lots of water
to keep us hydrated, even though it's very cold.

sandra journals the hike out
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